Planned Giving

Contact Cathy Schultheis, Director of Planned Giving,  at for more information.

Our Legacies for God's Church

We are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses... Hebrews 12:1

Planned Giving Is Stewardship of Our Accumulated Resources:

God calls us to make wise and faithful choices about the use and disposition of our resources. By planning our future gifts now, we determine what happens to our accumulated assets when we are no longer here. If we do not plan, the government will make those decisions for us. We have the responsibility to plan how much, if any, of our resources will be provided to those dependent on us—our families, our church, and others we support.

Why Consider a Legacy Gift?

Planned giving provides us with an opportunity to respond to God's grace and to leave a legacy of gratitude that will help assure the continued vitality and mission of The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church long after we have gone. Over the years, legacy gifts have helped to support the meaningful and diverse ministries of the church. It is only because of generous legacies from those who went before that we can do as much as we do in our community, within our church walls and beyond.

What is a Legacy Gift?

A legacy gift often takes the form of a bequest in a will. But a gift may also be in the form of a charitable gift annuity that pays life income, an insurance policy, trust, or a gift of stock or property or one from a retirement benefit plan or individual retirement account. Planned gifts may also provide significant tax benefits for the donor and heirs. A legacy gift of any size to the church is significant. The best gift is one that is appropriate for the particular circumstances and desires of the donor.

Interested in the Possibility of Providing a Legacy Gift to NYAPC?

If you would like more information about planned giving or to discuss the possibilities of making a legacy or other charitable gift to the church, please contact Catherine Schultheis, Director of Planned Giving/Special Gifts, by telephone at 301-622-3149, or by email at

For examples of the many legacies left by members and friends of the NYAPC, please download the "Legacies of the Saints" brochure.