Nurturing Faith, Building Community

We believe that the spiritual life is one of continual transformation in relationship with God and one another. Through our Adult Ministry, we offer opportunities to study Scripture and theology, cultivate spiritual wisdom, form friendships, grow in community, and embody our faith through meaningful actions.

Our adult programming is diverse and engaging, offering opportunities for learning, discussions, and friendship. There’s something for everyone, from thought-provoking classes on faith and justice to Bible study and interactive group gatherings. 

Enjoy moments of connection during coffee fellowship, picnics, and dinners, and participate in intergenerational events and retreats that strengthen our community bonds and deepen our faith. Together, we strive to create a vibrant and inclusive community where all can grow as disciples of Jesus and live our faith in our everyday lives.

What's Happening

Adult Learning

Expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding of Presbyterian faith traditions when you participate in engaging discussions led by facilitators who will encourage meaningful conversation.

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Weekly Groups

Our small groups provide an opportunity to go beyond Sunday worship and engage in meaningful conversations that touch the heart and soul. Together, we delve into topics that matter, finding inspiration and wisdom in scripture and various literary works. We offer a space for authentic sharing, where concerns are heard, joys are celebrated, and struggles are supported.

MSIR Events

The McClendon Scholar-In-Residence Program brings renowned scholars, theologians, and intellectuals to our community to engage in thought-provoking conversations, lectures, and events that explore the intersections of faith, scholarship, and contemporary issues.

Join us as we continue to foster a community committed to learning, growth, and action.