McClendon Scholars

Bridging Faith & Scholarship

The McClendon Scholar-In-Residence Program (MSIR) brings renowned scholars, theologians, and intellectuals to our community to engage in thought-provoking conversations, lectures, and events that explore the intersections of faith, scholarship, and contemporary issues. The above picture from our January 13, 2024 program shows McClendon Scholar Rev. James Forbes in conversation with Rev. Joe Daniels of Emory Methodist Church in Washington, DC.

Established through the generosity of the late Rev. Dr. Jack E. McClendon, this program brings scholars and thought leaders to Washington to share their wisdom, learning, and insight on how the church can be more effective in its pursuit of social justice.

Since its inception in 2006, we have had the privilege of hosting renowned scholars, theologians, and authors who have shaped our understanding of faith and justice. From Walter Brueggmann to James Cone, E.J. Dionne to  Bryan Stevenson, our esteemed guests have ignited profound conversations and provided invaluable insights. We have had the privilege of hearing from influential voices like William Barber, Krista Tippett, James Lawson, Taylor Branch, David French, Katharine Hayhoe, Jim Wallis, and many more. Recordings of these and other presentations can be accessed by clicking on “Watch Previous Events” below.

Join us as we continue to foster a community committed to learning, growth, and action.

Previous Event

Brian McLaren | April 10 at 7 pm

Brian McLaren, a passionate advocate for “a new kind of Christianity,” will discuss his journey in faith and offer thoughts about Christianity today. In this webinar, he will discuss ideas from his books, especially from A New Kind of Christianity, Faith After Doubt, and Do I Stay Christian? This is the first part of a three-part opportunity for our congregation to discuss his ideas and explore how they intersect with our faith and life at NYAPC. Please join in the conversation!