Our Boards

Engage & Serve

NYAPC is led by a dedicated group of individuals who serve on various boards, each with a unique role in supporting our mission and community. These boards are composed of elected members who bring their expertise, passion, and commitment to the church’s governance and well-being. Learn more about their vital roles in shaping NYAPC’s journey of faith and justice.

Our Boards


The Session plays a vital role in shaping the spiritual direction and growth of the church community.  Comprised of elected members, they collaborate with the pastors and committees to discern and implement the vision and mission of the church.

The current Session is moderated by Rev. Dr. Sarah Johnson & comprised of:

  • Kristin Ford (Clerk) 
  • Adlai Amor 
  • Laura Brouse-Long 
  • Paul Dornan 
  • Elizabeth England 
  • Heather Ferguson 
  • Anne Laroche 
  • Elizabeth Bowman
  • Brent Ling 
  • Marilyn Seiber 
  • Len Shabman 
  • Mary Spatz 
  • Melissa Jane Taylor (Session Treasurer)
  • Matthew Weitz 
  • Karen Feret 
  • Miguel Petrosky

Diaconal Ministers

The Board of Diaconal Ministers serves with compassion, providing support and care to members and friends of our community. The elected members visit and reach out to those who are sick, elderly, bereaved, homebound, or in nursing facilities, offering comfort and assistance. The board coordinates memorial services and extends gratitude and condolences through delivering flowers.

The current Board of Diaconal Ministers is lead by Carrie Reasonover & comprised of:

  • Ann Bradley 
  • Mary Nell Clark 
  • Barbara Dornan 
  • Glory Eyong 
  • Gwenn Gebhard 
  • Bonnie Milam
  • Karen George 
  • Cameron McGlothlin
  • Grace Morgan 
  • Margaret Myers
  • Martha Sykora
  • Jeff White 
  • Adam McColley
  • Courtney Watson
  • Miriam Dewhurst
  • Campbell Baskins
  • Annie Wong


The Board of Trustees plays a vital role in managing the church’s building, investments, and operations. Composed of individuals elected annually for three-year terms, they oversee the stewardship of our physical facilities and financial investments with prudence and boldness, ensuring they are well-maintained and serve the mission of the church and the needs of the community.

The current Board of Trustees is lead by Karin Lohman & comprised of:

  • Heather Choi 
  • Doug House (Church Treasurer)
  • Gina Kim 
  • Martha Davis
  • Tracy Branding Pyle 
  • Edie Snyder 
  • Helen Anthony 
  • Richard Snyder